Syncing your windows computer iTunes with Android device requires 2 installations.
One install on Windows Computer. & One install on your Android Device.

On your Windows computer :

Download and Install 'iTunesForAndroid.msi'(Windows Installer) software.

On your Android device :


 Download 'iTunes For Android Wireless' App from amazon appstore market.

For detailed Steps Visit: Setup Page

How to Sync?

After you had installed both Windows computer & Android device applications,

1) On Windows computer, Open iTunesForAndroid exe by doubleclicking shortcut created in desktop or Start Menu.
2) Enter ip address displayed on your android app into iTunesForAndroid exe on Windows computer.
3) Select playlists that you wish to Sync
4) Click 'Send To Android' button to sync contents wirelessly.

For detailed Steps Visit: Setup Page