Bought a new Android device? 
All your media contents stored in iTunes?
With 'iTunes For Android' app, you can sync iTunes content with Android device over WiFi connection. No USB connection needed.

iTunes to Android sync over WiFi

System requirements:
1) Android device
2) Windows computer with iTunes installed
3)'iTunes For Android Wireless' app from Android Market:
download link
 or Amazon Market :
download link

4)'iTunesForAndroid.msi' (Windows Installer) from this: download link

Is it Simple ? How it works?
    It is a very simple 3 step process.
    Install iTunesForAndroid.msi on Windows computer
    Download 'iTunes for Android wireless' App from Android Market.
    Enter android device IP address into Windows exe and Start sync'ing content from iTunes to Android device.
    For detailed steps / instructions visit : Detailed Setup