Syncing your windows computer iTunes with Android device requires 2 installations.
One install on Windows Computer & One install on your Android Device.

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On your Windows computer :

Download itunesForAndroid.msi (Windows Installer) from this link: download

Open downloaded itunesForAndroid.msi by double clicking it.You will see a screen like below:

press next:

Press close button once completed. iTunesForAndroid exe will automatically open.

You can open iTunesForAndroid exe by double-clicking shortcut in desktop:

Now to sync with Android:
  1.     You need Android device ip number. That you can get from Android device iTunesForAndroid App.
  2.     Select iTunes Playlists that you wish to transfer to Android device
  3.     Press 'Send To Android' button to Sync. That's It.

On Android Device:

Download iTunes For Android App on to your Android device from either google play market or from amazon appstore:

or from
Amazon app store link : Download Link

Once downloaded open app:

iTunes For Android app screen:

Note down your Android device ip-address (See above screen) and enter it into iTunesForAndroid Form on Windows Computer.
Make sure you are entering ip-address with dots : for example
Select playlists and press 'send' button.

Once sync completed, open iTunes For Android app on your android phone and press 'Play Music' button to open your favorite music player and hear songs.